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Brionen särmäyskone jonka äärellä työntekijä tekee työtä ja pitää kiinni särmätystä ohutlevytuotteesta.




In sheet metal production, edging refers to the bending of part of the sheet. First, a smooth blank of the sheet metal component, or expanded geometry, is cut with a punch press or laser cutter. The next work stage is usually edging. High-quality edging requires several years of experience from the operator to hone their professional skills. Successful edging also requires competent design of the sheet metal component and functional expanded geometry.

From a technical viewpoint, a press brake machine can be used to bend pieces into almost any shape. The edging of a sheet metal component can also be realised by combining the best properties of an automated panel bender and a press brake machine, which enables highly demanding and accurate bending in a cost-effective manner. Visually demanding and important surfaces can be protected with a plastic film during bending, i.e. bending marks can be completely eliminated.

Please note: Already painted materials can also be edged if the sheet metal is protected with plastic.

Suunnittelija tietokoneen edessä piirtää ohutlevytuotteen dokumenttia ja hänen taustallaan on brionen toimistoympäristö missä on ihmisiä töissä.


We offer our long experience and strong expertise to you. We reach the best end result in projects where the customer accepts us as a partner already at the product development stage.

Well-designed edging reduces the number of welded joints and the required number of components. We aim at providing our customers with cost savings and functional added value through good product design and high-quality manufacture of sheet metal products.


  • Amada HG1003-ATC- press brake machine - 100t 3 meters
    With an automatic tool changer!

  • Cone 900 press brake machine, 4 axles, 900 mm, including a piece handling robot!

  • Salvagnini B3 ATA 135 press brake machine, 3 metres, MAC+ATA features

  • Amada HRB 100.3 Akas press brake machine, 8 axles, 3 metres

  • Amada HFE 50.20 M II press brake machine, 8 axles, 2 metres

  • Amada HFE 50.20 M II press brake machine, 4 axles, 1.25 metres

  • Amada ITPS 50.12 press brake machine, 4 axles, 1.25 metres

Our versatile and modern machines, as well as our large selection of blades, guarantee profitable and efficient edging of sheet metal components. We will be happy to help you.

Särmäyskone ja Brionen työntekijä joka kantaa ohutlevynpalaa.
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