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Salvagninin L-5 kuitulaser työstää metallilevyä ja koneen laserpäästä lähtee säteitä ympäri levyä työstön aikana.


L5 fibre laser also enables the manufacture of demanding sheet metal components


L5 fibre laser – our efficient, agile and competitive laser – is capable of manufacturing complex sheet metal components without extra tool costs. The demanding shapes, complex machining and highly accurate details of sheet metal products can be easily made with the fibre laser, and we can also manufacture small series at a competitive price.

As a contract manufacturer, our primary task is to offer flexibility, speed, and competitiveness in the production of customers' sheet metal products, from individual pieces to full-scale series production. The technically highly advanced L5 fiber laser meets even the most demanding customer's quality criteria

Eri ohutlevymetallinpalasia eri väreissä.


L5 fibre laser can be used to work on a variety of materials, such as:

  • Aluminium

  • Black steel

  • Coated steel

  • Stainless and acid-proof steel

  • Copper

  • Brass

Please note: Combined with an automated P4 panel bender and our flexible FlexCell production cell, the L5 fibre laser can efficiently manufacture even the smallest of bendable sheet metal component series from start to finish. Read more!

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