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Finnpower SG-kone työstää ohutlevyarkista ohutlevyosia.


 Threads and shapes in sheet metal


Despite the strong development of fibre lasers, we still manufacture varied sheet metal components with a punch press at an amazing price. Equipped with automatic storage and post-sorting, our punch press is efficient both in the case of small batches and large product series. The automated machine can handle longer series as overnight batches so that the customer will receive maximum cost benefits from the sheet metal components.

Our punch press is capable of threading, pulling and creating components in varied shapes ready for assembly. It can even handle minor edging during the same work stage. Our tool shelves include the most common standard shapes and an extensive selection of special and form tools for new and different product solutions. Our competent staff will serve you in all tool issues, focusing on finding the right solution. We can come up with new sheet metal component manufacturing solutions that will clearly reduce the sheet metal component’s manufacturing or assembly costs.

Ohutlevy jota on työstetty ja leikattu koneellisesti.


Brione Oy's production capacity is based on the use of two top-level sheet metal processing centers. The first of these is the SG6 sheet metal processing center manufactured by Finn-Power, equipped with an angle cutter and an 18-position automatic warehouse. This fully automated system enables smooth and efficient production. The second of our machines, the Finn-Power F6 sheet metal processing center, complements the versatility of our production.

The SG6 sheet metal processing center combines a turret punch press and an angle cutter, representing the most efficient mechanical manufacturing method for sheet metal. This machine is referred to as a sheet metal processing cell and is particularly effective in the production of large cassette-type sheet metal components. Alongside the fiber laser, the SG6 offers an excellent solution for the manufacturing of complex parts.

Brione's sheet metal processing center allows for unmanned operation of mass-produced items, ensuring production continuity and efficiency. It also features automatic sheet feeding, enabling rapid and seamless material handling.

Thanks to these advanced machines, Brione can respond quickly and accurately to its customers' needs while maintaining high-quality standards

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